Professional & Biographical Information 

I. Professional Profile:

Joseph Harvey Council is a native of Hillsborough, North Carolina, and the fourth generation of his family to live in the 1913 Craftsman home built in Hillsborough by his maternal great-grandparents. Joseph is a Tarpley Scholarship recipient, Honor Court Justice, and 2004 graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law, Richmond, Virginia.  He has experience in both private practice  and the public sector.  Analytical, and an effective legal writer with research and editing experience and leadership skills developed through work on Richmond Journal of Global Law & Business, the state case reporter Virginia Circuit Court Opinions, and over ten years of law firm writing experience.  Courteous, professional, and attentive to detail, Joseph responds promptly to client needs and inquiries. 

II. Professional Memberships & Positions:

Member: North Carolina State Bar
Board of Directors and Member: 15-B Judicial District Bar
Board of Directors and Member: Orange County Bar Association

III. Legal Experience- Private Practice:

Joseph has practiced law for over ten years.  His interests include real estate, wills-trusts-estates, Estate representation and Probate, and business law.  He has represented  local corporations and businesses with state, national and international interests.  His real estate work has included writing a memorandum of law for a real estate case concerning restrictive covenants in a residential subdivision and the property owner’s right to build on her land.  He routinely drafts documents  including  wills, trusts, executor’s deeds in probate estate cases, contractor’s complaints in commercial property cases, participates in court ordered mediation and has worked on a real estate case involving adverse possession, fraudulent conveyances, and betterments to land.  He routinely performs land title research and drafts documents for closings and other real estate matters. 

IV. Legal Experience- Public Sector & Law School:

Joseph H. Council was very active as a law student at Richmond Law, but three experiences stand out as examples of Joseph’s commitment to the study and practice of law:  First, Joseph worked two days a week as a Clinical Intern at the Office of the General Counsel of the Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Commonwealth University Hospital, where he participated in contracts negotiation and review, conducted initial research for medical malpractice cases, conducted hospital policy related research, and attended meetings with the General Counsel.  Second, he had the high honor and privilege of being selected to work with Richmond Law’s Professor W. Hamilton Bryson as Research Assistant and student editor of the legal publication Virginia Circuit Court Opinions, providing him broad exposure to trial court procedure and judicial reasoning.  Third, Joseph’s grades and student writing earned him a position on Richmond Law’s prestigious law journal Richmond Journal of Global Law & Business, where he served as Symposium Coordinator and initiated discussions between the School of Law and School of Business regarding the Business School’s participation in the Journal of Global Law & Business annual symposium and initiated discussions with the Richmond Quest Foundation to acquire funding for symposium speakers. 

V. Education:

Joseph began his educational career at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where in 1993 he obtained his B.A. in Philosophy and a Minor in Biology.  He then continued his interest in studying Philosophy and ethical theory by attending the University of South Carolina at Columbia, where in 1996 he obtained his M.A. in Philosophy, taught as a teaching assistant, and later taught a course at Midlands Technical College on the Fort Jackson Base in Columbia.  Further interests in contemporary ethical theory and ancient philosophy led Joseph to complete four years of doctoral work at the University of Georgia at Athens, including writing papers for conferences and publishing several book reviews.  It was at Georgia that Joseph developed an interest in legal matters and decided to attend law school and ultimately accepted an offer of admission at the prestigious University of Richmond School of Law in Richmond, Virginia, where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree in May 2004.